HOA Paint Color Book Reservation Form

This form is to reserve to check-out an HOA Paint Color Book (folder) that has all the original DR Horton Paint Swatches to assist in your color palette desires. The folder was provided to the HOA as a courtesy from Frazee Paint (now owned by Sherwin Williams).


  • Is there a charge for checking out the color book folder?  No, but check out is limited to 3 days at a time.
  • If I submit a request to check out the color book, how soon should I expect a response?  Please allow up to 72 hours for response to your reservation request.
  • Must I show/provide state ID at the time of checking out the Color Book?  Yes, Members will be charged for the cost of the replacement if lost or not returned at the end of the reservation period.
  • Must I use the colors in the color book?  No, the color book is only to assist in finding your original home color or the ease of picking out a pre-approved color scheme; therefore, you may also use your own desired colors as long as approved by the HOA/Architectural Committee.
  • Must I use the Frazee brand of paint?  No, most paint brand retailers would be able to match the colors in the Color Book to their brand of paint.
  • Must I submit an Architectural Request if I’m painting the same as original color/s?  We do ask that you go ahead and submit a request form which will not only confirm your approval, but also be able to track your color scheme for future reference.
  • Can I paint my home the same color as my next door neighbor’s?  No, the builder ensured that each home was painted so that it did not match the neighboring home and the HOA has continued this requirement.

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