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Looking to find a neighbor within Pecan Creek South who may be offering a service such as repairs for plumbing, A/C, mechanic, electric, handyman, house chores, etc? Pecan Creek South Members are welcome to post their services offered on the HOA website (subject to ad approval). Please keep in mind that the HOA does not allow home businesses that would cause increased traffic to and from the home. Services Offered ads may be removed after 6 months in which may be resubmitted for renewal.

Companies and/or advertisements listed here-in are not affiliated with the Pecan Creek South Homeowners Association; therefore, HOA is not liable for the services, actions and/or conduct of listed business, services and/or organizations. Ads submitted to by verified for accuracy by submitter; therefore, HOA is not responsible for any informational errors with requested ads. HOA is not responsible for any loss caused by ads that may not be posted.

Use the Submit Classified form to post a classified ad.

Added: 05/30/2018


– Locks changed
– Car Keys
– Lost Keys Replaced
– Lockouts



Locally Owned and Operated




Added: 05/30/2018

Pest Control

Quality, low cost, no contract Pest Control w/no start up fees. First Responder Discounts and Pecan Creek South Resident discounts.; Follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. We specialize in general pest control including scorpions, bees, bedbugs, rodents, pigeons, German roaches and more.


Valerie Moore

Locally Owned and Operated




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