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This section is for advertising events such as game nights, cooking parties, sport & fitness groups, as well as those who want to advertise their social clubs. Pecan Creek South Members are welcome to post their services offered on the HOA website (subject to ad approval). These ads may be removed after the date of the event or after 6 months for ongoing club recruitment, if in which may be resubmitted for renewal.

Events and/or advertisements listed here-in are not affiliated with the Pecan Creek South Homeowners Association; therefore, HOA is not liable for the services, actions and/or conduct of activities. Ads submitted to by verified for accuracy by submitter; therefore, HOA is not responsible for any informational errors with requested ads. HOA is not responsible for any loss caused by ads that may not be posted.

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Updated: 10/10/2016

Haunted Manor

Halloween is approaching. Be sure and visit the haunted manor. We have many new additions to include a photo booth to take pictures with family and friends. We will be running Oct 29th and the 31st. Look us up on facebook. The display is free but donations are greatly appreciated.

37868 N. Bonnie Ln


Updated: 7/6/2014

Exercise Partner

Anyone who would like to start an early morning walking club please contact me . I am in need of loosing some poundage as I’m sure you are. Walking with other people is motivation. Lets do this!!!



Updated: 1/25/2014

Mahjongg Club

Looking for players for a new Mahjongg Club in Pecan Creek South. If there is already a club, please let us know and we’ll join otherwise will create a new club. Looking forward to some fun! Thanks!

Carol Laviolette
1444 E. Baker Dr



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